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              SHENGZHOU LIDA ELECTRICAL CO.,LTD was specialize in manufacturing MICRO-motor which are widely used in household appliances such as:air-conditioner,washing machine, oil smoke exhauster, bodybuilding, fable and wave fan, waving-fan, exhauster fan, warming and cooling fan, hand dryer motor, warm-up machine, and shaded pole motot, Our products has been firstly granted by the ISO9001 quality certification China Commission for conformity cerfification of electrical equipment (CCEE). Our annual output 20,000,000 micro-motor,They are sold not only in the domestic market but also to the international market, such as Korean, Japan, East-South-Asia, the quality is highly appreciated by the customers at home and abroad.
              In the coming days,we will keep on improving the quality,importing and devloping advanced technologies, the goal to be approached by our factory that all is though elaborate in design,perfect quality control,satisfied by the costumes,in ceaselessly expanding,we well procide more quality products to our customers at home and abroad.

              Our products are very popular by our customers with advanced esign,superb in workmanship, perfect equipment of inspection, credible quality, We cordially welcome the industrial and commercial, circles at home and abroad to contact and establish friendly business and cooperation relations with us.LIDA ELECTRICAL will be helped you to be successful.
              Copyight(c)SHENGZHOU LIDA ELECTRICAL CO.,LTD  ADD: Chengle Town Shengzhou Zhejiang
              Tel:86-575-83071155/83070688  Fax:86-575-83078000
              E-Mail:[email protected]  [email protected]   P.C.:312467
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